Trellis Netting Support (Model B)

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  • Keeps heavy plants from toppling over
  • Supports all types of trellis netting used to support plant growth
  • Adds structure to gardens and indoor / outdoor growing tray setups
  • Convenient system for screen of green nets in hydroponic applications
  • The kit can be used on one tray, or on two trays side-by-side
  • Convenient canopy management system for growers
  • Works with plastic, nylon, and other cultivation trellis netting
  • Sets up in minutes, saves on space


Included in each kit:

  • 4x Corner Mount Clamps to provide a secure base to connect poles to tray
  • 2x Sets of Extension Poles (4x 20” aluminum poles w/ each set)
  • 8x Trellis Attachment Hooks to accommodate two adjustable levels of trellis
  • 16x Fastening Bolts to attach bases to trays and SCROG hooks to the poles
  • Trays & Trellis Nets or SCROG Netting are NOT included.


Fits all Round Corner trays including the following:

  • Active Aqua: Low Rise Flood Tables & Trays
  • Botanicare: Outside Dimension (OD) - 3'x3', 3'x6', 4'x4', & 4'x8'



  • Easy & quick to setup
  • Two adjustable levels for netting
  • Light & transportable
  • Supports plant growth from 1 to 5 feet


This trellis support system does not include the trays or nets.