We are the Robust Motor Company, based out of the San Francisco bay area. Our team consists of professionals with years of experience in the trimming industry. We have a distribution warehouse in Concord, CA, where all of the product testing, design and distribution takes place.

Our founder has been engineering, testing, and perfecting our patent pending motor and the design for the Trim-Daddy Power Scissors for the past 2 years. It is now in production and made to be perfect for the specific use of trimming flowers, herbs and hops in tight areas.



To provide trimming professionals who trim plants by hand with electrically powered hand held pruners that are engineered to be the longest lasting, best cutting, and overall highest quality on the market. The ultimate goal of the Trim-Daddy is to make any trim job more efficient by making the work easier on your hands and trimming up to 10 times faster. 



We have learned through experience that purchasing a quality product one time is far more efficient than buying a poor quality one time after time. We came up with the Trim-Daddy Power Scissors using this philosophy; we knew we needed something to help get the job done quickly and easily with lasting high quality that would become a leader in the industry.

Another philosophy we have adopted is to always be improving. We are listening to what people and the media are saying about our products and strive to improve. We have only one mouth but two ears, so we must listen twice as much as we speak in order to supply what our customers need.


Top Notch Service

We believe our customers are the foundation of our company so we pride ourselves in the customer service we provide. We want our customers to be the happiest they can be with the purchase of our product and we will go the extra mile to fulfill this goal.