• Take Your Trimming to the Next Level with Trim Daddy

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Designed to increase efficiency wihout sacrificing efficacy

Save Time + Money

Cut down on time and labor costs with your hand-held electric bud trimmers without cutting out the good stuff - you know what we mean.

Comfort Guaranteed

Trim Daddy's lightweight design and patent-pending technology prevents the hand and wrist strain often associated with hand trimming.

Durable AF

Our superior brushless motor allows your Trim Daddy to live a long and strong life. It's engineered to prevent overheating to support hours of endless trimming with a three year warranty.

Trim Daddy is designed to save time and trouble while delivering the highest quality trim.

Sure, all cannabis trimming blades need to be sharpened and maintained to some degree but the self-cleaning Trim-Daddy Power Scissors ensure less dullness than other standard trimmers.  Imagine how much time you’ll save not scraping and cleaning your scissors multiple times per plant. 

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