TRIM-DADDY™ 5th Generation Biggie Blade

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Introducing the TRIM-DADDY 5th Generation Biggie Trimmer, the ultimate tool for efficient and precise wet trimming. Whether you're a professional cultivator or a home grower, the Biggie Trimmer is specifically designed for wet trimming applications.

The Trim Daddy 5th Generation Biggie Trimmer features a blade that covers 3 square inches of surface area in one swoop, allowing you to trim a significant portion of wet buds with each pass. This innovative design enhances trimming efficiency, enabling you to complete your trimming tasks more quickly and effectively.


With the Biggie Trimmer, you can experience the convenience and effectiveness of wet trimming. Wet trimming involves removing excess leaves from freshly harvested cannabis buds before the drying process. This technique is favored by many growers as it offers benefits such as easier leaf removal, improved aesthetics, and enhanced preservation of trichomes and terpenes

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