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  Here we are! 2020 brought unique challenges and changes providing a multitude of learnings to bring into 2021.   Cannabis politics experienced major progress as more states and countries began exploring options for their medical marijuana systems, recreational cannabis, dispensary protocol, and relaxing outdated weed laws. Earning the essential business recognition was huge! No matter how the new year unfolds, one thing is certain…cannabis is here to stay! Undoubtedly, there will be an increased demand for more cultivation and extraction of cannabis. We expect many more people to be growing their own medicinal marijuana, as well as an increase...

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  Things have been quite different this year. Different, how? All the great events like concerts, cannabis awards events, glass shows, marijuana industry events, and all those puff puff pass smoking circles that we used to enjoy so much…getting canceled and postponed. It is a bummer because the cannabis community is one of the best groups of people to hang out and talk shop (weed) with, according to us here at Trim Daddy. The social and community aspects based around our favorite medicinal plant getting put on pause has seemingly left a void in the lives of sociable stoners and...

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