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No! Trim Daddy’s blades are specifically engineered to protect trichomes during trimming to ensure the final product retains its quality.

Our layered blade design reduces pressure on the buds and the space between blade tips allows you to trim around buds without knocking into them.

Yes! Our trimmer is ETL certified for safety and compliance. Our motor was designed with an ‘overload’ function which means when it senses that the blades have come into contact with something it wasn’t designed to cut (cords, surfaces, etc) the blades automatically stop to keep you safe.

We recommend always wearing cut-resistant gloves while operating Trim Daddy. To make it easy, we include a pair in every purchase.

Probably longer than you’d like to be sitting in one place. Our patented brushless motor means that our trimmers don’t experience motor fatigue to allow you to trim uninterrupted for hours. To protect your hand and arm muscles, we don’t recommend trimming for over 8 hours in a single sitting but if you’re curious — our trimmers are engineered to run for over 15,000 hours.

There’s a few reasons! Our trimmers are made from the highest quality materials with every component specifically engineered for cannabis trimming. Here’s a breakdown:

✔ High Carbon blades prevent plant residue build-up so you don’t have to stop to clean your blades during a harvest. 

✔ We patented a brushless motor uniquely designed to avoid motor fatigue because we know some jobs take hours, not minutes. Our motor is built to run continuously without slowing for hours on end, even at the highest speed setting. 

✔ The variable speed dial puts you in control of your trim. With over 10+ speeds, you can use Trim Daddy for everything from pruning to final harvest.

✔ We include 3 blades in every purchase — and are the only brand on the market with multiple blade designs to adapt to your plants’ shape and size.

✔ We take care of the details. Every Trim Daddy purchase comes with a pair of cut-resistant trimming gloves and a protective carrying case.

✔ Our 3-year motor warranty protects your investment.

We understand that $308 is an investment — which is why we’ve added a three-year warranty to every trimmer to let you know just how confident we are that Trim Daddy will be your preferred trimming partner. There are a few Trim Daddy lookalikes on the market however — our motor is patented meaning there can be only one Trim Daddy.

We leave that up to you! At our facility, we’re big fans of the OG but we know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution — so we didn’t try to make one. We made the Biggie Blade wider with longer blade tips which we find perfect for stripping sugar and fan leaves. King Slim was designed with deep grooves between it’s blade tips to achieve a precision trim even on dense bud growth. In the end, we include all three in every purchase so you can decide which you like best, and have the ability to change them based on plant and strain. A little hint — our customers tell us they love Biggie and King Slim for wet trimming and The OG for dry trimming.

In the end, we include all three in every purchase so you can decide which you like best, and have the ability to change them based on plant and strain.

We made it easy. Remove the blade cover and take the blade out of the trimmer (ensuring that your trimmer is powered off prior to removing the cover.) Drop your blade tip-side-down into a glass with enough 91% isopropyl alcohol to cover the 2-3” of the exposed blade for 1 minute. Remove from alcohol and wipe dry!

It doesn’t have to be! We first got our reputation as a ‘get out of trim jail’ free card but actually, our trimmers are fantastic tools for plant pruning to support increased yields and plant health.

We sure do! We ship our products worldwide and are also available on Canadian, Australian and European Amazon for our customers to take advantage of lower shipping costs where available.

It happens! Our Replacement Speed Dial comes with a new power cord. Add To Cart and we’ll get it to you as fast as we can.

There’s a misconception that ‘Made in China’ is synonymous with poor quality products or unethically made products; it simply isn’t true! In 2021, China contributed 28% of the global manufacturing output and surpassed the United States as the world’s largest manufacturing country in 2010.

Trim Daddy is proudly AAPI owned and only partners with quality-minded production houses. All products are hand assembled in the bay area.

We’re glad you asked. They are identical products but designed for different tray shapes. Model A has corner brackets designed to fit trays with square corners and Model B’s brackets are designed to fit trays with round corners. Not sure if your corners are square or rounded (who decided to make a rounded square corner anyway!?) send us a DM on IG or email us a photo of your tray and we’ll let you know which model will work best!

No, trays are not included. We made this decision to ensure growers had their choice of tray shape and size to best fit their home, yard or facility.

Our Trellis Support Systems come with 4 corner brackets, 8 extension poles, 8 trellis net hooks and all fastening hardware. In addition, they also include trellis netting!

We’re here for you! Please send an email to with your original order number or the email address you used when purchasing your trimmer. Be sure to include an explanation of the issue you’re experiencing as well as your shipping address.

Our support team will respond within 24 hours with a prepaid shipping label and the next steps to get your claim processed.

We’re working on it! We have a few retail partners in the U.S. and Canada that have Trim Daddy products available for sale. If you don’t see us in a store near you, let them know you’d like to see Trim Daddy on their shelves or shoot us a message and we’ll give them a call!