CBG...The Next Trend in Cannabis

CBG...The Next Trend in Cannabis

Like CBD and its booming market, another cannabinoid CBG is on its way to do the same. If you’re a cannabis grower, or use cannabis, medically...CBG could be beneficial to you. So why is CBG use on the rise and how can it help your profits or health? Let’s breakdown the latest acronym to hit the cannabis movement and find out why CBG is trending now. 

The new CBG trend

CBG or Cannabigerol, is one of nearly 400 beneficial cannabinoids that the cannabis plant produces. Like, CBD and THC, CBG provides many unique effects. Even some you may be familiar with from already puffing your favorite strain. 

CBG is grown in the early stages of maturity in cannabis plants. It’s the precursor from which other cannabinoids can even be produced. As the plant grows, CBG breaks down and transforms into other cannabinoids. Including CBD, CBGA, THCA and others. This is why CBG is referred to as the “mother” cannabinoid. It’s also why there is less CBG in mature plants, and why it’s more difficult to find the compound for purchase. 

But like CBD, CBG does not have psychoactive properties. 

Specific CBG effects include - 

    • Anti-Inflammatory. Specifically helpful for the digestive system and specific disorders like Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS). 
    • Anti-bacterial. CBG is a natural antibacterial agent, and can even aid in severe bacterial conditions like MRSA. It’s also effective in common skin disorders like psoriasis, acne, and eczema. 
    • Neuroprotective. CBG is neuroprotective in nature and helps prevent loss of brain cells. This provides treatment for neurodegenerative diseases like Huntingtons, Parkinsons, and Alzheimers. 
    • Eye wellness. CBG helps reduce intraocular pressure which is a cause associated with Glaucoma. It increases blood flow to the eye and acts as a vasodilator (widening of blood cells).
    • Bladder Issues. CBG is highly effective in controlling contractions of muscles. Specifically muscles contributing to bladder control issues, or contractions. 
    • Fights Cancer. CBG not only assists cancer patients with muscle wasting, weight loss and appetite loss, but can fight the cells all together. A recent study shows CBG blocks receptors responsible for cancer cell growth. CBG also inhibits tumors in specific cancers like colon cancer. 

Growing CBG

Above a plethora of medical benefits, due to its scarceness among strains, CBG is beginning to trend among consumers and growers alike. 

Like most retail, the rarest products are most in-demand. Which leads to higher purchasing costs, too. 

Overall, CBG is found in low levels across normal cannabis strains - typically less than 1%. While most strains carry levels of CBD and THC up to 30% at times. 

Wellness groups specifically focusing on CBG for medical purposes are having a hard time keeping up with demand.  But due to CBG flourishing in younger plants - the supply is low. Cultivators have had to implement new growing methods, and securing new genetics for higher productions of CBG. As the compound is quickly becoming a luxury item on the market. 

In comparison to CBD, hemp strains typically contain up to 20% CBD to just 1% of CBG. Which means, producers have to grow 20 times more flower to produce equal amounts of CBG oil to CBD amounts. 

Many seed banks, and geneticists have taken note. Modifying flower to produce strains with CBG content levels nearing 10 - 22%. 

CBG to raise profits

Like designer items or premium products on the market, those with lesser availability usually trend the most. Which is why CBG is the next best thing since CBD. If you’re looking to increase the demand for your crops, CBG high strains can be the way to grow. Increase your operation’s profit, by acquiring unique strains consumers will soon be seeking more than ever. And, how else can you increase your operation’s profits? Save time on trimming. Check out the Trim-Daddy and trim your crops 10x faster

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