Autoflower Seeds...are they worth it?

Autoflower Seeds...are they worth it?

The latest trend in the growing world of weed, has come in the seed form. Or, autoflowering seeds. These seeds like many food products we see nowadays, have been genetically modified to perform quicker - or better. But come at a hefty price. Are they really worth it? Let’s review the differences between growing from seed and autoflower seeds and see which makes sense for your next plots. 


What does autoflower really mean? 

Autoflower is appropriately named, considering the definition means that the seeds will automatically flower. The autoflower varieties have a shorter ‘veg’ state that is normally standard for cannabis plants grown from standard seeds or clones. This also means, unlike normal cannabis plants, autoflower seeds don’t depend on light cycles (or periods of darkness) to begin flowering. 

But how? As advancements in technology and research grew in cannabis, so did the abilities of seed genetics. Autoflower seed genetics were crossed with a lesser known subspecies - cannabis ruderalis. This type of cannabis gene type is known for autoflowering, and for being shorter in stature versus cannabis indica or sativa subspecies. 

By cross-breeding and hence ‘genetically modifying’ autoflower seeds, they are essentially set on ‘auto-pilot’, and flower on their own time, and more easily. 

What is the difference? 

Due to the advanced nature or modifications of autoflower seeds, they are more expensive than typical seeds. So, now that you know what an autoflower seed really is, is it worth the additional cost? Here’s a quick breakdown of how autoflower seeds grow differently so you can decide what’s best for your garden or space. 

    • Smaller in size & more compact: While you may think ‘bigger is always better’...depending on your room’s size or your growing space, a smaller growing plant can be an advantage If you do have a large enough space...the smaller the autoflower plants grow, the more you can pack into your space. And the size of the overall plant, won’t affect the bud size. Because autoflowering plants can take over 12+ hours of light, this boosts growth of nugs. 
    • Quick turnarounds: Autoflowers skip your plant’s vegetation stage and get right into flowering. In fact, a new strain on the market aptly titled ‘quick one’ produces harvestable plants from seeds, in only 2 months. With a more rapid turnaround for your operation, the more harvests you can get in 1 season, or an entire year. 
    • Avoid stress: While some experience growers recommend low stress training methods like bending to decrease vertical space, increase light usage and maximize yields...others recommend no stress to autoflower plants at all. Due to their quick growing nature, too much stress at any point can stunt their overall growth. 
    • More light: Because autoflower plants can receive up to18+ hours of light, there is normally an increase in electricity to grow and manage their light time cycles. But, this practice can also increase or maximize yields, which on the flip side, is an obvious bonus. 
    • Less nutrients: Autoflower seeds are born to grow on their own, so they require less feed or nutrients. In fact, it’s recommended to feed using only water for the first 2 weeks. Because you’ll gradually introduce feed over a shorter period of time, you’ll be using less nutrients overall, too. 

All in all, there are a number of benefits to growing from autoflower seeds. If you’re looking to increase your current garden with new strains, or just begin to grow your own - autoflower seeds are the easiest way to get going, fast. What else can get your harvests on the move? The Trim-Daddy, during any trimming and harvest process...check it out now, and just keep growing! 

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