Trim Daddy's Definitive Guide to Trimming Tools

Trim Daddy's Definitive Guide to Trimming Tools

If you’re wondering which trimming tools best fit your lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place: we’ve put together a pros & cons list of the most talked about trimmers on the market for your reading pleasure. We won’t be offended if you don’t choose Daddy, but we’ll let it speak for itself.

A few things to consider when investing in a trimmer, whether it’s your first or fifth:

  • Clean removal of leaf material from bud
  • Sculpting the bud with bud trimmer
  • Amount of damage to trichomes caused by trimming
  • Speed

No matter the size of your operation, these above observations can help guide your search and make a decision. 


Scissors are an absolutely necessary part of any canna-business, regardless of the trimmer you decide to purchase. We don’t recommend relying solely on scissors to get the job done, but they’re most definitely a strong sidekick.

Pros: Hand-manicuring your flower allows you to pay extreme attention to detail and avoid rough cuts that come with more industrial tools. If you’re working with a small harvest, scissors are a decent way to go but they become low reward as harvest size increases.

Cons: Two words - time. Management. If scissors are your trimming tool of choice, be prepared to spend hours perfecting the bud you’ve grown. Plain ol’ scissors will also cause strain on your hands as time goes on.

Bowl/Bag Trimmer

How they work: Bowl and bag trimmers are pretty self-explanatory, considering they’re just what they sound like. Bowl trimmers such as this one feature a 16-19” bowl-shaped compartment that the weed can fall into while cutting and a clear plastic top, while bag trimmers like TrimBag let you transfer your flower into a bag that you then shake to separate and trim in just a few minutes.


-The high number of blades on bowl trimmers gives you an extremely precise cut every time without worrying about damaging or bruising what you’ve worked so hard for.

-The plastic top allows for increased visibility.

-The compact size of bowl trimmers works perfectly for those growing in small spaces or for those who will be using their trimmer in various environments.

-Trimming your harvest doesn’t have to be a time-consuming chore.


-Because of the high number of blades, trichomes may be lost in the process. Although it does its job in removing most of the leaf, it can oftentimes remove wanted buds as well.

-Most bowl trimmers should only be used for trimming wet flower and are not ideal for commercial use.

-Although bowl trimmers run small compared to others on the market, cleaning requires you to take apart and reassemble the product. 

In terms of pricing, traditional bowl trimmers are usually about $120-$200, while other stainless steel models can be up to $500. Bag trimmers are typically around $300.

Tumble Trimmers

How they work: These are heavier cannabis trimming machines that can trim extremely large amounts of weed using bladeless technology. Devices like the Python feature three chambers of mesh netting that move the product through the machine at 35 RPM in just five minutes to produce expertly trimmed flower. If you’re in a larger cannabis operation, heavy-duty machine trimmers are probably your best bet, although they can be extremely costly. Depending on the size of your harvest and your budget, do your research before investing in a tumble trimmer.


-Tumblers like the Centurion Pro and Tom’s Tumble Trimmers can trim up to 1200 pounds per hour. Industrial grade trimmers like these often have a couple different size options depending on your needs.

-You can control the machine’s speed in order to find the setting that works best for your bud.

-Interchangeable mesh nets efficiently separate leaf from flower while conserving both structure and aroma.


-Due to the sheer size of industrial trimmers, you’ll have to be okay with some of your bud getting bruised. According to Buds Grow Guide, “Bruised buds are a real thing...created when automated machinery tosses the buds around and rubs their hard processing surfaces up against the delicate flowers.”

-Tumble trimmers can run from $400 to as much as $84k.

Electric Hand Trimmers

How they work: Hand trimmers are a step above scissors that feature dual edged blades and multiple speed settings.

Pros: The main advantage of electric trimmers is the precision quality of hand-manicured bud without the hassle of ordinary scissors.

-Remarkable speed. Trim Daddy’s two speed settings allow you to move up 10x faster than hand trimming.

-You can trim your bud either wet or dry! This is a huge come-up, as you’re not limited to one or the other.

-The durability is unmatched - with Trim Daddy’s high-carbon stainless steel blades, you can trim for up to 10,000 hours. Our blades are self-cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about taking apart and cleaning your trimmer every few days.

-The current Trim Daddy model is going for $308 and comes with a replacement blade and cut-resistant gloves.

Most other electric hand trimmers fall in the same price range.


-Can only handle a certain amount of bud at once.


Some will say that a faster trim can lead to a damaged or less aesthetically pleasing harvest, but that’s where Trim Daddy comes along. We believe precision doesn’t have to be compromised. Although our third generation model is a tad more expensive than certain table top trimmers, quality and quantity can coexist with Trim Daddy.

If you’ve made it here, thanks for staying with us. Trimming is often seen as the most exhausting part of the process, but it doesn’t have to be! Pro tip: With any of these tools, remember to use gloves to avoid injury.

Shop Trim Daddy today and receive a comprehensive three-year warranty!

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