Why every cannabis grow operation needs the Trim-Daddy

Why every cannabis grow operation needs the Trim-Daddy

Every grow operation works fruitlessly to provide their plants the best care, the most quality nutrients, top-notch lights and innovative environmental controls. But, did you know, the trimming, drying and curing phase adds as much quality to your bud, as growing does? That’s right - when trimmed, dried and cured properly, cannabis actually can increase in trichomes, terpenes and beneficial cannabinoids. Making the last phase of your harvest - just as important as clone, to full maturity. 

So, why cut costs during the final production of your hard-earned cannabis plant harvest? Here’s how the Trim-Daddy is the upgrade you need to add, to your trimming operation. 

    • Saves Time. Simply put, Trim-Daddy trims cannabis plants 10x faster than normal scissors. When your operation saves time on tasks, your labor costs are saved too. But in reference to the crop you’ve cultivated, saving time on trimming will help the quality of your cannabis too. If you’re wet trimming to prevent mold while drying...your cannabis will be ready to hang 10x faster than before. Days of work, turned into hours. If you’re dry trimming, your buds will be in their curing phase faster - and to the retail storefront, quicker too. Meaning, you’re turning profits for your plants even more rapidly. 
    • Less Training. Trimmers can be hard to come by. Especially, those trained in the skill of trimming cannabis - fast, and with accuracy. And the best in the trimming industry, come with a higher cost too. But, what if you equipped your team with Trim-Daddy? The automated trimmer that does the trimming job you need accomplished...without training unskilled workers on how and where to trim. Practically anyone can use the Trim-Daddy to quickly remove sugar and fan leaves from your final pot product. You’ll have your trimming team, up and running, faster - and with Trim-Daddy to trust with your crop. 
    • Less Cleaning. Let’s be honest - how often do you scrape or soak your scissors when trimming just one cannabis plant? You try to go for as long as possible...but your scissors are sticky quickly, and making you a less efficient trimmer in the process. With Trim-Daddy, you’ll be cleaning less. WAY less. Trim-Daddy can trim at least 1-2 plants without cleaning the blades, and without having to stop to scrape. And when it is time to clean? Simply pop off the top, soak your used blades, replace with clean blades - and you’re back in business in just a few seconds. It might not seem like a lot...but if you’re losing 10 minutes per hour with cleaning your trimmers...that’s over an hour of labor lost throughout just 1 one. 
    • Quick ROI. When you upgrade your trimming game, and add Trim-Daddy to your team...your initial cost is returned in just one harvest. The amount of time you’ll save on labor, and the saved costs from multiple pairs of scissors each year - has already made it back to your pocket with one crop trimmed.
    • Highest Quality. Just like when shopping for scissors, soil, nutrients, lights...there are some that get the job done, and there are some that are a step above the rest. And for automated trimmers? That’s Trim-Daddy. It’s the most premier automated trimmer on the market today, and that’s with the technology to back. Our brushless patent motor delivers over 10,000 hours of trimming - without overheating, or overworking. 
    • Saves hand strain. The more your team’s hands hurt...the slower they’re going to go. Not only that, but the strain of trimming with scissors for hours can be impossible for some to endure. With the Trim-Daddy - anyone can operate the easy to use trimmer. While navigating accurately, and with a fit is designed for versatile trimming preferences or hand sizes. Hold it like a pencil, grip the handle, use it going upwards, downwards, tight spaces, small nugs, big nugs - Trim-Daddy does it all! 

As a cannabis grower...you do what’s best for your plants. Whether you’re a one-person operation, or a large scale grow - anyone can gain from extra time towards their crops, or less money spent over time. For most, trimming is the least fun part of the job - even dreaded by many. But, with Trim-Daddy - trimming cannabis plants is easy, fast and accurate too. Upgrade your trimming game today, and shop the best Trim-Daddy model, yet, now! 

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