Introducing 3PLUS: Trim Daddy's Newest Upgrade

Introducing 3PLUS: Trim Daddy's Newest Upgrade

We were stoked when Trim Daddy released its third generation model, and now we have even more reason to celebrate.

We’re here to introduce 3Plus - our beloved third generation trimmer now featuring Trim Daddy’s first ever speed dial.

Rather than manufactured settings, the 3Plus dial allows you to manually adjust between all of the speeds to determine which is right for you.

We realized that two simple settings weren’t quite enough to match the trimming needs of some of our customers - so we took this into consideration and tested our first dial.

Our trimmers pride themselves on getting the job done up to 10 times faster with its patented brushless motor, and now you don’t have to worry about whether or not the speed will match what you’re trying to achieve.


With adjustable speeds, you can take your trimming game to the next level. You’ll have the ability to trim and change speeds at the same time, getting you to harvest even quicker than before.

The highest speed was often too harsh for fragile buds, while the slow speed took too much time. With 3Plus, the ball is completely in your court when it comes to trim speed. You can change back and forth without having to stop what you’re doing, making the process effortless from start to finish.


Some in the cannabis industry prefer hand trimming to machines because of their ability to control each part of the process, rather than leave it up to a machine.

With traditional trimming machines, the brush motors wear out after approximately 1,000 hours of use. After these brushes reach the end, the entire machine is useless.

However, Trim Daddy gives you the best of both worlds.

Its compact size and durability make the last step in your growing game a seamless one. Our trimmers are similar in size to scissors, making imperfect cuts a thing of the past.

Our speed dial makes speed control almost an afterthought, because you can focus on giving your bud the precision it deserves without sacrificing your precious time.

Additionally, the 3Plus feature allows you to trim different kinds of flower because of its gentle approach. You might have different strains that need to be trimmed in their own unique ways, and Trim Daddy can help. 

Regardless of what speed you’re using, Trim Daddy’s motor won’t give up on you. Its unique composition prevents overheating to allow for a smooth, continuous trim.


Oftentimes, those who prefer hand trimming have had negative experiences with machines damaging their plants due to high and uncontrollable speeds.

For workers getting paid to trim by the pound, their main priority is speed. In Marijuana Business Magazine, co-founder and chief operating officer of the licensed cultivation company Tahoe Hydroponics Mark Bruno says for new trimmers, speed is their enemy.

Bruno believes “a hand-trimmed flower offers a smoother, finer taste profile.” While this may be true for some, not everyone has the time or energy to devote to such a task.

Although Trim Daddy can never fully imitate the exact precision of hand trimming, it comes pretty damn close - and we think we’re pretty convincing.

The speed dial feature allows for full control over your buds - because we know how hard you worked to get this far.

We hope you’re just as juiced about this new feature as we are. Trim Daddy’s patented design is unlike any other on the market and delivers the highest quality trim every time.

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And remember - Daddy comes with a comprehensive three-year warranty. If it’s not everything you hoped for, it’s on us.

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  • Perry cobb

    I just bought a 3rd gen trimmer ,I hope that a speed controller will also be available separately for those trimmers?

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