Extracts & Concentrates - The New Way to Grow

Extracts & Concentrates - The New Way to Grow

While vapes took over tobacco, turning leaf into oil for ‘safer’ and more discrete consuming, cannabis has done the same. Concentrates and extracts popularity has risen over the years, with a 600% increase in products on Leafly, alone. To increase your demand, and improve profits from growing - here’s a quick guide to extracts on the market. From THCA to crumble...what are these new products and why should you be growing for them? 

How it’s done 

By now, you know the compounds in cannabis provide relief - psychoactive, or not. THC, CBD, terpenes and nearly 400 other cannabinoids are found in the trichomes of plants. The extraction process to concoct concentrates, is the separation of these compounds into a more potent product. While standard marijuana flower usually contains 15-20% THC, concentrates typically boast 90-100%. 

The differences in final extract end-product depends on how the goods are isolated. Alcohol, Co2 and butane/propane extraction processes are used the most.

Extracts use solvents including alcohol or Co2 that separate trichomes by washing them away. Concentrates remove trichomes mechanically, without using solvents. By adjusting methods in these processes, you’ll find varied products like tinctures, resin, crumble or batter.

Oil & tinctures

Cannabis oil, tinctures or distillates are the most common. Marijuana is combined in oil or alcohol to create tinctures. These forms are the most versatile. Allowing users to add their doses to foods, liquids or sublingually. Oils and tinctures kick in within 15-45 minutes.

Through co2 processes, and additionally distilling, oil distillate is cannabis in almost a clear and liquid-like form. Distillate is best known for being discrete, like in the use of vape pens. Cannabinoids in their purest forms, have no scent or aroma. 

Live resin, crumble, shatter and badders are all varied versions of concentrates. Which have thicker consistencies for dabbing. Shatter is like its’ name, and is glass-like and translucent in form. Crumble and badders are wax-like, but differ in final consistencies.

If you prefer tasting your favorite strain, live resin is the extract for you. For this products’ process, bud is frozen immediately after the plant is cut down for harvesting. This preserves cannabinoids and terpenes, that provide cannabis its’ aroma and taste. 

THC-a or Crystalline is the newest of extract products. THC-a, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is the notable psychoactive cannabinoid found in the trichomes. The crystal end product is the cannabinoid isolated into a compound similar to snow or salt. Upon heating THC-a, in a dab rig or pen, the compound converts to THC. 

Rising in popularity

Concentrates are rising in popularity due to their potency, overall. Cannabinoid levels can range from 70-90%+ in concentrates in comparison to 10 - 30% usually found in flower. 

Being discreet and convenient is also why extract use is rising.  Using cannabis to reap its’ benefits, is easier, quicker and more potent with concentrates. With advancements in technology for vape pens, dab rigs and torches, accessibility of use for concentrates is increasing, too. 

The purest of plant matter

What matters most is what’s inside the plant. Concentrates and extracts are providing the purest and most isolated forms of that plant matter that matters. And worth the most to growers on the market. While the new trend may be overwhelming in options, with the right partners, your bud can be turned into elevated products. Making your ROI higher, overall. 

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