TRIM-DADDY™ Trellis Support Kit (Model B)

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TRIM-DADDY Trellis Support Kits are designed to be the perfect partner to your grow setup . Our kits are customized to work specifically with industry-grade growing trays to protect your plants as they grown. We include one set of extension poles in each kit for you to extend the kit over the lifecycle of your plants. 

Why use Trim Daddy Trellis System Support Kits?

  • Keeps heavy plants from toppling over
  • We include a net in the kit so its usable right out of the box
  • Adds structure to gardens and indoor / outdoor growing tray setups
  • Two adjustable levels, Spreads branches for better ,, Light and transportable , Easier than building from scratch, 
  • The kit can be used on one tray , two or more trays side-by-side
  • Easy canopy management system for growers
  • Works with plastic, nylon, and other cultivation trellis netting 
  • Sets up in minutes, saves on space

Included in each kit:

  • 4x Corner Mount Clamps to provide a secure base to connect poles to tray
  • 4x Corner Adjustment Stoppers to allows for the clamps to adjust to the size of your tray corner
  • 8x Poles  make by  aluminum 
  • 8x Trellis Attachment Hooks to accommodate two adjustable levels of trellis
  • 12x Fastening Bolts to attach bases to trays and SCROG hooks to the poles
  • 1x Trellis Nets 16' x 8'
  • Trays are NOT included.

Fits all Round Corner trays including the following:

  •  Outside Dimensions(OD) Botanicare trays 3'x3'  3'x6'  4'x4'  4'x8' 
  • all low tide trays 3x3'  3'x6'  4'x4'  4'x8'

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