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Meet the latest update to Trim Daddy's patented trimmer: Trim Daddy 3PLUS.

Stacked with efficiency and ergonomic upgrades, Trim Daddy 3PLUS was created uniquely from customer feedback and rigorous field testing to deliver the most effective electric trim on the market.


With a brand new speed control dial, the Trim Daddy 3PLUS is equipped to trim wet or dry at over 12 speed intervals with a reduced handle size for comfortable handling in multiple grip options. High carbon blades and a brushless motor round out the 3PLUS making it the most lightweight, comfortable and fastest electric trimming option on the market.

Patented brushless technology to avoid motor fatigue for hours of endless trimming

Easy blade installation system to change blades in seconds

Self-cleaning high carbon steel blades for the strongest and sharpest trim

Blade design optimized for wet or dry trimming to harvest at your convenience

*NEW* speed dial with 12+ speed settings to trim at any speed you need

Redesigned handle for strain-free trimming right or left handed with multiple grip options

Customer Created Design

You asked, we answered. The Trim Daddy 3PLUS incorporated feedback from our community to produce a tool for trimmers, by trimmers. It's intuitive, on purpose.

High Quality Materials

You spent time and money on your grow, it's only right that we use materials that protect your investment. While more costly, we chose high carbon blades and brushless motors because they last longer, work harder and enable the highest quality end result.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Every Trim Daddy 3PLUS comes standard with a hassle-free three year warranty. We guarantee Trim Daddy will take your trimming game to the next level. Any problems? Give us a call.


LOU DECILLIS  - 15 APR 2020, 12:21

"I LOVE the Trim Daddy!!! I'm a 70 year old Army Veteran with carpal tunnel in my right wrist. Also beginning to have Arthritis in my fingers, so I REALLY appreciate your fine product. I love growing, but never liked harvesting until Trim Daddy. This tool is THE BEST!!! And I look forward to what contraptions you will come up with in the future!”

bill WARD  - 23 AUG 2020, 14:42

"That was literally my first time using it on the fresh buds, no edits or re-do's, and it was so easy, fast and comfortable! Even for a complete newb with them, that was way faster them i could manual trim them. I will be using Trim Daddy for all my harvests from now on."

JOHN FERRIMORE -  29 DEC 2017, 14:42

"Trim Daddy has saved me. The amount of time I have saved has paid for itself more than ten times over - in just one harvest! I will never trim without it again."



Sold out

Sold out


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