So How Does It Work?

Truly a sum of all it's parts, each component of Trim Daddy was consciously created by a think tank of experienced trimmers designed to provide solutions to traditional pain points without sacrificing the benefits of hand-trimmed flower.



Trim cannabis up to 10 TIMES FASTER with our patented brushless motor. Save your operation, time & money! 


Save your hands from common trimming injuries and strain while trimming more cannabis plants, faster. 


Maintain the QUALITY and DETAIL of boutique or cannabis hand trimming.



Blades are made from high-carbon stainless steel. Self cleaning and 



Let your blades on your cannabis trimmer, CLEAN THEMSELVES, saving time with scraping scissors. Change blades even faster with a pop-top cover! 


Switch From Scissors Today!

We have engineered every piece of our cannabis automatic trimmers to bring you the ultimate trimming machine. Not only will our stainless steel blades cut better, they will stay sharp longer due to their 5 edge system that allows for easy and self cleaning.