Brushless Patent Motor

trim daddy automated trimmers


Low Maintenance Bud Cutting Machine

Our Brushless Motor makes this a very low maintenance cannabis trimmer machine. Brushless motors are typically very expensive to make, but require very little maintenance. They are built for efficiency of energy; only the amount of power needed is being exerted, no extra power is being wasted. They use about 40% less energy and produce 60% more power.

A Plant Cutting Machine That Won’t Wear Out

A Brushless motor is so unique because it does not have brushes to degenerate and wear out. A typical brush motor that is used in most motorized products has brushes that wear out after about 1,000 hours of use; once the brushes wear out the entire machine is useless.

The Trim-Daddy is a plant cutting machine that has a motor that won’t wear out for years to come or damage the plant when used properly.