Our Patent Brushless Motor

At the heart of every Trim Daddy is our patented motor design

Why we love it

  • Our technologically designed brushless motor paves the way for maximum speed and efficiency in cannabis trimming. 
  • In addition to it's speed and precision, it's unique composition prevents overheating to allow for a smooth, continuous trim.
  • It's finishing process allows the motor to be immaculately smooth on a microscopic level, enabling over 10,000 hours of use.
  • Our patented model means no other company offers the most efficient motor known to man, for your cannabis trimming - and that's why we're Trim Daddy.

What this means for our trimming partners

Trim Daddy's combination of size and product features ensure a low maintenance cannabis trimming experience - without sacrificing the benefits of a hand trim. On top of its aesthetic and performance achievements, it also uses 40% less energy than its competitors while producing 60% more power.

A Plant Cutting Machine That Won’t Wear Out

Why is our brushless motor so unique? Bypassing the carbon brush design on typical motors - Trim Daddy circumvents motor fatigue. A typical brush motor that is used in most motorized products has brushes that wear out after about 1,000 hours of use; once the brushes wear out the entire machine is useless.

The Trim-Daddy is a plant cutting machine that has a motor that won’t wear out for years to come or damage the plant when used properly.