Outdoor, Indoor & Greenhouse Growing

Outdoor, Indoor & Greenhouse Growing

Which is best?

With statewide marijuana legalization increasing, and federally legalized hemp, the spaces that cannabis is being grown in, are expanding. From outdoor farms, to indoor operations and greenhouses too, the different environments are growing across the nation. And each provide varied growing advantages and disadvantages, too. Here, we’ll review the differences in outdoor, indoor and greenhouse growing, to see what’s best for your plants or area. 

Growing Cannabis Outdoors

The most important factor when considering whether or not to grow hemp or marijuana outdoors, is your location. Obviously, climate and conditions will affect your crops when growing in a natural environment. And growing cycles when growing outdoors, normally takes up to 3 months so consider this if you’re in northern or colder climates. 

One benefit from your outdoor space, is it’s the most cost efficient way to grow. Using the sun for energy, eliminates your need for lights and cumbersome electricity expenses. If you’re planting in the ground, you’ll save on soil costs as well. Although, you will have to consider watering or irrigation costs, as natural rainfall just won’t cut it. 

Another advantage is seemingly unlimited space, can mean more plants and higher yields. And some weed connoisseurs say outdoor grown weed is higher in flavor. Which many attribute to the power of natural sunlight. 

But, a drawback from growing cannabis outdoors, is more risk from uncontrollable factors like weather conditions. Droughts, heavy rainfall, low periods of sunlight, flooding or fires can be detrimental to crops that are grown outside. 

Growing Cannabis Indoors

When growing indoors, the biggest advantage is control over your environment. However, this is also the most time consuming and labor or cost intensive factor, too. 

Of course, the cost of your initial set up will depend on the size or type of grow you build. Indoor grows range from industrial warehouses, to basements, closets or even indoor grow tents. With any method, your initial start-up costs will include lights, ventilation, soil, containers, water or irrigation systems, and any nutrients you might use to supplement growth. 

Most importantly, you’ll need supplies to properly clean the area you’re growing in to avoid pests or mold that can be common when growing in an indoor space. 

With that said, the startup costs can pay off quick with perpetual harvests. Meaning, unlike growing outdoors, you can grow year round producing more crops and yields overall. 

And because indoor growers are able to control their environments, including beneficial light cycles, or the addition of Co2...the bud you grow can be higher quality. And higher in content of beneficial cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBN, CBG or terpenes. Which is why in legalized states, indoor grown weed tends to test better and sell at a higher cost. An added bonus for your operation’s ROI. 

Growing Cannabis in a Greenhouse

Growing marijuana or hemp in a greenhouse can provide the benefits of both indoor and outdoor growing. Along with their disadvantages as well. 

For cost, there are low priced and high priced greenhouse options, so you can add to your operation or begin growing at a feasible expense. And with an enclosed space outdoors, your plants are able to hone the natural sunlight, while benefiting from a controlled or protected space from the elements. 

Many weather conditions can affect the production of THC, CBD, and terpene levels that your final plants output. Basically, growing in a greenhouse can deliver the quality of indoor cannabis, plus the power of the sun found in outdoor growing, too.

One similar drawback to greenhouse growing, is climate control. When cultivating cannabis, humidity and temperatures are important to producing ideal crops. So, unless you add advanced equipment like climate controllers (heat/air), shutters, or additional lights, in milder or cold climates, you may be limited in the seasons you can actually greenhouse grow in. 

Which is best? 

With the tedious nature of growing and caring for cannabis plants, if you can do so - indoor environments are generally preferred. Not only can it be more discrete (think, smell), but your precious crops are better protected and controlled for premium production. Whichever method you choose, when it comes to harvest...think Trim-Daddy. Our automated trimmer will save you on time, and money, by saving on labor, too. Make your final phase of a successful crop, efficient and easier than ever with the Trim-Daddy. Check out our products, now! 

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