Trim Daddy’s Collection of Online Cannabis Communities

Trim Daddy’s Collection of Online Cannabis Communities


Things have been quite different this year. Different, how? All the great events like concerts, cannabis awards events, glass shows, marijuana industry events, and all those puff puff pass smoking circles that we used to enjoy so much…getting canceled and postponed. It is a bummer because the cannabis community is one of the best groups of people to hang out and talk shop (weed) with, according to us here at Trim Daddy. The social and community aspects based around our favorite medicinal plant getting put on pause has seemingly left a void in the lives of sociable stoners and talkative tokers everywhere.


Do not fret! Fortunately, there are many awesome cannabis communities online! There is something to be appreciated about being able to; access a wealth of information, learn a great deal, get advice, give advice, share experiences, get inspired, and have a dialog with marijuana lovers from all over the world. All of this from the comfort of our homes or on our phones anywhere at any time. The Trim Daddy team wanted to share this collection of some of the best online cannabis communities and forums to check out. So, get to socializing, learning, and hanging out with all those pot loving people! The sesh might have gone remote, but we think that remote can be dope. There is something for everyone in the digital space!


Forum Websites

Huge! That is exactly what this forum is. Currently, this forum has 880K+ members, 820K+ threads, and more than 15 million messages! Everything about cannabis has a discussion happening on this forum community.


GrassCity Forums

This is an online headshop with a large (680K+ members!) & highly active cannabis community on their forums. Almost all cannabis topics have a place here and there is a lot of participation based on cannabis consumption & lifestyle.

A fantastic source of cannabis news and so much information on the industry in general! There also happens to be a large community that is super active (158K+ members & 4.5 million messages). A wide variety of topics are covered on this forum.

This “Cannabis Cultivation Network” has 85K+ members that are all about, you guessed it…farming for THC! If you are into conversations on cannabis cultivation, then check out this community! There is a wealth of information on seeds and strains available and even a place to share pictures of your labor of love. A great place for growers to gather!

A great community with a focus on solventless concentrates and vaporizing all those cannabinoids & terpenes that we medicate with. If you have not assumed by now…they are 35K+ fans of solventless dabs and dank flower without chemicals & combustion over there. Nothing wrong with that though! We do love to enjoy ice-water bubble hash that has been properly pressed into delicious rosin from time to time. ✌️😃👍💨

A smaller but engaging group of 15K+ friendly cannabis-loving people discussing many topics about growing marijuana. Plenty of information and a wide variety of discussions covering everything in the wonderful world of weed that we live in!

Another big forum community with a ton of informative, interesting, and entertaining posts about all things cannabis. The range of subjects and special niche topics is comprehensive in this forum community. As with all forums…check the rules! This one has specific rules against “cash croppers” and is focused on personal growers. This is a well-moderated forum with a bunch of great info and conversations.

An open-source style buffet of cultivation and growing information. 23K+ members are participating in the sharing of tips, experiences, bud shots, grow setups, genetics, lab test results, product testing, and so much more. An easy-going free flow of flower info!

Not so much of a forum, but this virtual destination is worth visiting and bookmarking. A vast treasure trove of useful and educational information covering pretty much everything that could be experienced with growing marijuana. There are so many great guides available with a strong focus on the propagation and cultivation of cannabis.


Marijuana Business Daily –

Also, not a forum, but a fantastic source for all the latest & relevant news about marijuana, politics, legalization, regulations, and the cannabis industry. This is a must-have bookmark for those that want to stay up to date on all the important happenings with cannabis in our societies.

Here is another excellent organization with up to date marijuana news, political coverage, entertainment, culture, business, science, health, and more! Bookmark worthy for sure. Do it.


Reddit Communities



Members: 1.6 million!

“Home of the Ents”

“The go-to subreddit for anything and everything cannabis. From MMJ to munchies, from nugs to news, and everything between! The casual cannabis community”



Members: 460K

“All about weed. The friendliest weed community on Reddit is right here! Also check out our official Discord channel!”



Members: 126K

“Cannabis news from across the Universe.”



Members: 278K

“Welcome to /r/marijuanaenthusiasts. This is the go-to subreddit for everything dendrologic! That's right, this subreddit is about real trees! Please make sure to read the rules before posting.”



Members: 264K

“You give a few pot heads a bunch of weed and nothing to smoke out of and they suddenly become engineers. It's amazing.”



Members: 251K

“Dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis. We love pictures of your plants & harvest, discussing growing methods, and helping with grow problems.”



Members: 46K

“This is the sister reddit of /r/microgrowery. This subreddit is dedicated to large scale grows of Cannabis; too large to consider 'Micro'.”



Members: 49K

“Stuff about growing cannabis in general, cannabis you've grown, or dank cannabis you've smoked.”



Members: 93K

“Discussion of custom/heady blown glass by your favorite artists. No acrylic or Chinese glass.”

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