Keep Up With Cannabis Trends - Branding Your Operation

Keep Up With Cannabis Trends - Branding Your Operation

With legalization spreading, and the cannabis industry booming internationally, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd of emerging brands. But as markets grow, so do industry trends that many are following to increase the chances of their brand’s success. Heading into the new year, how can grow operations and pot products spotlight themselves on retail shelves? Let’s take a look at the latest cannabis branding trends and how your operation or brand can keep up with 

Growing green

An understandable is an attention grabber amongst the cannabis crowd. Attempting to appear as popular ‘raw’ or ‘organic’ trends, green is the color to be in the cannabis industry today. Which makes sense, given that healthy cannabis plants are green in color, too. 

But the green aesthetic is more than just targeting stoner stereotypes. The color delivers a brand image of being from a source of nature. With many looking to be more organic in their general lifestyle, this helps cannabis brands be pleasing to the growing ‘natural’ population. 

Health matters

Similarly to being ‘green’, a number of brands are now emerging with health focused branding themes. A growing number of consumers are using cannabis for health benefits, and brands are increasingly focusing efforts to that niche. 

To add, medical cannabis is still far more accepted than recreational use. In the number of States who have legalized medical vs recreational, as well. So diverting efforts to health minded consumers provides brands with overall larger target markets, too. 

Many brands are using the ‘health’ cross symbol in logos and design, and using medical type packaging to match. 

Simple & sophisticated

Along with the next trend, many brands are implementing sophisticated, modern looks to avoid common stereotypes with the industry. The clean and minimalist branding goal also targets consumers looking to relax with the product, or not use due to psychoactive effects.

This includes clean, simple fonts typically with a black and white coloring to remain ‘stylish’ yet classic, too. In addition, this look also appeals to the growing number of women users.

Luxury counts

Lastly, and again to remove stigmas with use, the cannabis industry has gone upscale. Luxurious design and exclusive or customized packaging, is giving many brands the high scale look they’re seeking. 

More appeal to women is seen in this trend, as well. Using soft fonts, and muted color schemes to again target the growing market of users. Which also works for an increasing number of specialized THC or CBD products targeted for women specific benefits. 

Raising Profits

Growing can be fun, but at the end of the day - it’s a business to most. And with the amount of work you put forth towards your plant’s success, you should do the same with the growth of your brand.

By keeping up with branding and consumer trends, your operation can succeed more than most. What else can help? Improving your time from seed to harvest...with automated tools that are trending too. Like, the Trim-Daddy. Save time, and trim 10x faster than the rest. Equip your team with the best! 

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