How to Safely Store & Transport Cannabis Crops

How to Safely Store & Transport Cannabis Crops
Every fall, comes harvest time. Pumpkins, apples, leaves changing colors...and also, many cannabis plants ready for processing into premium THC or CBD oil products.

With varying laws across the country, on how cannabis plants can be handled - there is multiple services that will help you in the process. From storing, packaging to transporting, let’s review the final flower process to make sure you’re on your game.

Storing Before Transporting

After buds have been dried, and are ready for storage it’s vital to preserve the flower for the best quality. Harvested nugs should be kept in a dark, cool place since light can degrade cannabinoids and terpenes required for premium processing. THC can also deteriorate at certain temperatures. So, the following is recommended for storage -
  • Use a freezer for long-term storage
  • A refrigerator preserves  terpene protection, optimally in the short term. 

On the Move

When transporting harvest product, growers can be moving hundreds of thousands of dollars in cannabis. Which is naturally a nerve-wrecking process.

Currently, any truck regulated by the Department of Transportation is prohibited from moving marijuana. So, how can cultivators safely transport their crops? Luckily, there’s a growing number of brands that have emerged to answer that question.

With growing legalization, the cannabis industry has formed supply chain solutions for transportation needs. Even though, banking and transporting laws still in place, has lead to a slow start.

For example, current logistics or transportation companies already serving other industries must be licensed specifically to handle cannabis. This means they may be required to renovate existing warehouses or even build new. Just to meet regulations for transporting cannabis.

Until recently, most growers have operated on a cash basis. And handled transportation in their own way. With regulations imposing on that process, legally, growers have been nudged into using emerging start-up solutions.

Safety & Security

Due to the value of transported goods, many new brands are focusing on safety and security for their client needs. Noah Stokes, the CEO of CannaGuard, a Portland based cannabis transportation company said the following in regards to moving harvest biomass -

“Pound for pound, it’s like transporting gold. There are no serial numbers on it, customers have to pay in cash, and it’s all difficult to insure,”

Focusing on security has prompted cannabis companies to use armored cars. Serving as additional insurance, for moving their precious goods or profit.

The armored transport option also removes the fear of theft. Vehicles are usually equipped with bulletproof glass, safety deposit boxes, and GPS tracking for monitoring of route or diversions from directions.

But be careful with inter-state travel. Even though the recently enacted ‘Farm Bill’ has approved hemp nationwide, certain state restrictions on cannabis can still apply and even override.

Emerging Answers

With a demand for moving marijuana, let’s take a look at a few cannabis transportation companies from legalized states.

CannaGuard - Oregon
Canna Security America - Multiple States
HARDCAR Next Generation Security - California
Lelantos Transport - Michigan
Cannabis Security Experts - Oklahoma
Bud Runner - Washington State
Green Parcel Service - Michigan and Colorado

If you’re looking for your own transportation, there are companies to build your own vehicle, too. Like, Nor-Cal Van, located in California and similar brands are converting used cargo vans, customized for cannabis clients.

Safety First

Once you have a finished product, the last thing any grower wants is to be at risk when transporting. Start exploring your options prior to harvesting, so your process can be as stress-free as possible.

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