Give the gift of time & money - with the Trim-Daddy

Give the gift of time & money - with the Trim-Daddy

‘Tis the season for giving...whether to yourself, or loved ones. Are you searching for the perfect gift for your cannabis growing family or friends? Looking for a gift to treat yourself to? The Trim-Daddy can be the present that delivers presence...and money back, over time! By trimming 10x faster, your gift recipient will save hours and days (sometimes weeks) on trimming their crops. And keep money in their pocket with saved labor costs. 

Save money

Did you know, the average grower spends $12,000+ on labor for trimming each year? Make 2020, the year you change your labor cost line items. The Trim-Daddy will equip your team to trim, 10x faster than you’ve ever trimmed before. 

Not only that, but the Trim-Daddy is so easy to use - anyone can trim, like a professional. Save time on training new trimmers, by handing them their own Trim-Daddy to use. The Trim-Daddy does the work for you, with the skill it’s built with. Trimming sugar leaves, and leaving manicured nugs ready for oil processing or boutique sales. 

Are you normally frugal with your purchases? Or only invest, when it makes sense for your bottom line? Don’t worry - you’ll get the money you spent on the Trim-Daddy back in just one harvest. Whether with time savings, or money saved from labor costs. 

Time savings 

Are you a solo grower, running your own home or small operation by your lonesome? Sick of the time it takes to harvest the fruits of your labor? Put the Trim-Daddy on your holiday gift list, and get the gift of extra time with friends, family, or back towards the garden you work so hard on. 

Growers using the Trim-Daddy have turned weeks or days of trimming...into days or hours. The normal cumbersome task of manicuring nugs, turns into a simple task completion with the automated blades who do the work for you. 

You’ll also impress yourself or gift recipient, with the time saved from cleaning or replacing scissors...With the Trim-Daddy you can trim multiple plants without scraping, cleaning or changing your scissors to a new pair. And, save on purchasing mediocre, standard trimmers, that you’ll know you’ll be replacing in less than a year. 

A gift for anyone...that lasts, too.

The Trim-Daddy is the highest quality automated trimmer on the market today. So go all out, for your cannabis growing friends and treat them to the best in the industry. That’ll also last longer than any most gifts you can give. The Trim-Daddy provides over 10,000 hours worth of trimming. The superior brushless motor allows your Trim-Daddy to live a long and strong life. Its patent pending technology makes it impossible to overheat so you can trim nonstop.

In addition, the Trim-Daddy is versatile for handling and use. Meaning anyone can hold and handle the automated trimmer, to achieve the trim job they prefer. The Trim-Daddy is light enough for anyone to use, and whether you’re a beginner or expert trimmer - you’ll be able to maneuver the trimmer around big and small buds, too. 

The automated trimmer comes in a sleek, light case that makes the Trim-Daddy easy to transport and store. Equipped with a replacement blade, and a cut-resistant glove - all you’ll need is your crops and the rubbing alcohol you already have on hand, to get started. 

Save on gifting

What’s the best part of gifting the Trim-Daddy to your weed growing loved ones, or yourself? For a limited time, our latest and best model is $50 off! Use code 3RDGEN to receive your discount, and start racking up the savings for your operation in 2020. 

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